50 ways to serve your husband.

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How often do we focus on what we can be doing to be a better spouse?  It doesn’t come natural to me, I have to consciously work at it.  Last week I shared a list on 50 ways to serve your wife.  Don’t worry guys, here is your list!  These ideas are small and simple, but when done with a sincere heart, will be sure to go a long way.  Here are 50 ways you can serve your husband.


  1. Cook his favorite meal.
  2. Take his car in to get detailed.
  3. Don’t nag him.
  4. Initiate sex.
  5. When he’s sick, wait on him hand and foot.
  6. Plan a surprise trip.
  7. Compliment him in front of his friends.
  8. Leave him a sweet note on his pillow.
  9. Let him sleep in.
  10. Be quick to forgive.
  11. Send him a thoughtful text.
  12. Point out what he’s good at and why you love that about him.
  13. Ask how you can simplify his day.
  14. Insist he go play 9 holes (or his favorite activity) while you catch up on the to-do list.
  15. Schedule that appointment for him.
  16. Plan a fun date night.
  17. Work on changing something you do that may bug him.
  18. Mow the lawn for him.
  19. Tell him how much you love being wrapped in his arms.
  20. Don’t complain when he has to take care of other responsibilities.
  21. Ask for his advice and thank him for it.
  22. Ask him what you can do to make his day easier.
  23. Surprise him with that item that’s been sitting in his Amazon cart.
  24. Help him check something off of his bucket list.
  25. Ask how you can help when he’s feeling stressed.
  26. Give him a back rub.
  27. Pack him a lunch before he leaves for work.
  28. Greet him with a smile and a kiss when he walks through the door.
  29. Choose to be happy and positive.
  30. Wear his favorite perfume around the house.
  31. Listen to him without interrupting.
  32. Cook him breakfast in the morning.
  33. Ask him to teach you how to do something he’s good at.
  34. Clean and organize his desk or office.
  35. Thank him for something specific.
  36. Be happy for him when he gets to do fun things for work.
  37. Surprise him at work with his favorite treat.
  38. Send him a flirty text.
  39. Cheer him on at his basketball game.
  40. Write him a note on the mirror with dry erase markers.
  41. Join him at the gym and ask him to give you a good workout.
  42. Encourage him when he’s feeling doubtful.
  43. Pay him a sincere compliment.
  44. Tell him how hunky he is.
  45. Turn on his favorite station in the car.
  46. Cut his hair, complete with a head massage.
  47. Make sex a higher priority.
  48. Listen to his advice.
  49. Say, “I love you,” more often.
  50. Thank him for all that he does.
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