40 ridiculous reasons kids throw tantrums.

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I am re-doing my daughter’s bedroom; new paint, decor, bedding, the whole shebang!  In the middle of this process I was telling her about the paint colors I had just purchased.  She asked me how I was going to reach to paint the top off her walls.  The moments that followed resulted in her throwing a legit tantrum because I would be using a step ladder instead of stilts to reach up high.


I shared this story and received many other ridiculous reasons why kids throw tantrums.  They were hilarious and so I decided to put them all together for your enjoyment.


  1. My son started bawling out of nowhere because it wasn’t Halloween.
  2. My two-year old threw an epic tantrum because I wouldn’t let him get a tattoo.
  3. I walked into her bedroom and said, “Good Morning.”
  4. I told her she looked cute.
  5. Because I told her to sit down and eat her pizza.
  6. I told my child that a T-Rex can’t scratch it’s own head and he had a meltdown.
  7. She dropped a receipt from the gas station.
  8. I told her she couldn’t marry Daddy.
  9. Her whipped cream wasn’t the same shape as her brother’s.
  10. He wouldn’t stop screaming because he didn’t want to go anywhere (even though we weren’t going anywhere.)
  11. I wouldn’t let her lick the litter box.
  12. I suggested he jump in the pile of leaves.
  13. He threw a temper tantrum because I broke his cheese in half.
  14. I told him he couldn’t eat rocks.
  15. Justin Beiber started playing on the radio.
  16. I told him that someday he would have more than four teeth.
  17. Because I told her she couldn’t ride in the shopping cart after she refused to ride in the shopping cart.
  18. I told her to take a bath.
  19. The dog’s hair is curlier than hers.
  20. I put the wrong episode of My Little Pony on.
  21. It’s not her birthday today.
  22. Because every time he looks at his shirt, the letters are upside down.
  23. Her brother looked at her at dinner.
  24. I sat on his imaginary friend.
  25. I cut her sandwich into triangles.
  26. There wasn’t enough blue on his shirt.
  27. I sat on the wrong side of the couch.
  28. He didn’t want his legs anymore.
  29. I went to the bathroom without her.
  30. I turned the page of her storybook the wrong way.
  31. Because I didn’t tell her she looked beautiful after she asked me not to tell her she looked beautiful.
  32. I wouldn’t let him throw craisins at people.
  33. He threw a tantrum because I peeled the banana wrong.
  34. She couldn’t get rid of her shadow.
  35. Because the dog ate the piece of bread…that he hand fed to the dog.
  36. I wouldn’t let her play with a raw egg.
  37. My son wanted to put his soggy toast in my power point.  What does that even mean?
  38. I wouldn’t let her pour hot chocolate all over me.
  39. She wanted to ride the horse.  We don’t have a horse.
  40. Because she’s not a unicorn. 

So next time your toddler (or teen) is in the middle of a tantrum, just remember that it’s probably not quite as ridiculous as it could be…then again, maybe it is.  Good luck out there parents!


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