7 friends every Mother needs in her life.

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It’s easy to let friendships go by the wayside when you’re in the trenches of motherhood. With endless chores and limited energy, it’s hard to make the effort necessary to develop and maintain social relationships. But the reality is that friends help you recover your identity, challenge you to be your best, and help you carry the heavy burden of motherhood. So to make it through this season of life with your sanity intact, here are the seven ladies you need in your life.

The Cheerleader

She believes in you – even when you don’t believe in yourself. Want to start a business? Switch to bottle feeding your baby? Quit your job and become a stay-at-home mom? Lose weight? Whatever it is, she’s got enough faith for the both of you and will cheer you on with her whole heart. With The Cheerleader Mom in your corner, you know you can conquer anything.

The Safe Place

This is the mom who will listen to whatever you have to say and respond with enough empathy to make you feel heard, and enough encouragement to help you keep going. If you’re struggling in your marriage, she’ll give you a shoulder without bad-mouthing your husband. If you’re going through a hard season with your kids, she’ll offer advice without implying you’ve failed. The Safe Place Mom allows you to be real and honest, but also helps give you the tools to move past whatever issue is currently weighing you down.

The Childcare Swapper

This mom is as busy and overwhelmed as you are, and understands the value of a healthy break. She’ll happily take your kids for a few hours so you can have some respite – maybe even get a mani/pedi – and you’ll do the same for her next week. You don’t worry about whether your kids will be on their best behavior with her, because you know that you’ll be repaid in kind soon enough.

The Adventurer

This mom is your go-to partner for both spur-of-the-moment living room play dates and meticulously planned summer beach outings. Having her as a friend ensures that you get out of the house once in a while and break out of your monotonous routine. Having kids that are of similar ages as yours, The Adventurer Mom understands the challenges you face and laughs at them with you – never at you. No judgment here, only fun.

The Perfectionist

Don’t let your insecurities keep you from spending time with this mom; motherhood is not a competition. Sure, she does some things better than you do, but take the opportunity and learn from her. We all have areas where we can improve, and The Perfectionist Mom can help you with yours. Need housekeeping tips? Weeknight recipes? Discipline strategies? She’s got ‘em.

The Imperfect Mom

Her house is as messy as yours, her kids don’t always go to school with a perfectly packed lunch, and sometimes – gasp! – they even have to grab school clothes out of the dirty laundry hamper. She’s just like you and makes you feel normal. You need someone who lets you feel completely comfortable to be yourself, parent your way, and live life on your terms. With The Imperfect Mom in your tribe, you know you’re not alone in this world and will always have someone who understands that sometimes (okay, frequently) things go sideways – and it’s best to roll with it.

The Truth-Teller

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but we all need someone to give it to us straight. The Truth-Teller won’t shy away from pointing out when you’re neglecting yourself, are too hard on your husband, or have taken on too many projects. Your challenge when you’re with her is to listen with open ears and thick skin. Because the truth might hurt, but it can help, too.

Motherhood is not an easy road to walk, but the journey is more fun when it’s taken together. Whether these seven friends are seven different people or all wrapped up into one BFF, at the end of the day they all help you to become a better wife and mother while keeping you from losing yourself in the midst of this crazy season. Truly, you can’t afford to do motherhood without them.

Jenny is just another mom trying to do her best. When she is not spending quality time with her family or friends, she enjoys sharing parenting tips, the struggles and successes of feeding her kids & more on her blog – Mom Loves Best.

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