Marriage Unmasked: Michelle Gifford of Mormon Mompreneur

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Welcome to another segment of the series Unmasked, where I interview women on their personal relationship with either marriage or motherhood.  Today I am featuring Michelle Gifford of Mormon Mompreneur.

Michelle is a business mentor for Mormon Moms and also runs a non-profit photography movement at Beauty Revived.  Today Michelle is answering some personal questions about her marriage.

michelle gifford

1. How do you keep your marriage happy?

We laugh…a lot. When I think about what first drew me to my husband (besides his obvious good looks) it was his ability to make me laugh.  We have been through some hard times, just like everyone, but when I look back, I mostly remember laughter.  If we are laughing, we are happy, so I’m working to laugh my way into eternity.

2. What is a unique tradition you have with your husband?

After we finish dinner, we roll up our napkins and have a contest to see who can get the napkin ball in the other person’s cup.  The kids sit back and cheer on their favorite player (usually me).  I went on a ten year winning streak but lost my edge this last year.  I blame the baby.  Being pregnant threw off my game ;).

3. What is something you struggle with as a wife?

When we first moved to Arizona for med school, I was six months pregnant, alone and unhappy.  He was going away every day and experiencing things, meeting people and learning.   I first was sad and a little mad, but then I realized that I needed to spend my time becoming something as well.  It has been a great blessing to start businesses that expanded my circle and increased my talents.

Ten years later and I have a bunch of kids and a bunch of businesses, I don’t struggle with being bored.  Now the struggle is putting our marriage first.  I think your relationship with your spouse can easily get put on the bottom of the list.  The five kids are loud and their needs are obvious.  It takes focus and being intentional to take care of your marriage.

4. What encouragement or advice do you have for others dealing with the same thing?

If you are struggling like me with this, I would say, start with your thoughts.  Think kind things about your husband, then, do a small act of service and lastly, pray for him.  It is hard to be a dad and a provider.  He needs God’s help.  While praying for my husband, I have felt my love for him and my understanding of him increase.

5. Why is marriage important to you?

Marriage is the best!  Husbands are amazing!  I don’t think we talk about that enough.  I am much better with my husband who evens me out and keeps me on course.  We are much better together.  And, he makes me laugh and that’s important.

You can also find Michelle at I Am Michelle Gifford and on Instagram.

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